Fashion Convenient Automatic Inflation Mattress Outdoor Usage


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Fashion Convenient Automatic Inflation Mattress Outdoor Usage

Material: 75D POLYESTER/ PVC
Size: 190x60x2.5CM
Package Size:  Diameter-17cm  Height-30cm
Foam: High density foam
Valve: Cuprum
Weight: 1000±50G
1.First use
a)Lay pen the mat
b)open the air tap and let the mat self-inflating.Then close the air tap and fold the mat in half.Open the air tap again and let the mat self-inflating to reinstate its original shape and size.
2.Inflating method
a)Lay open the mat and open air tap,the mat will be self-inflating.
b)Screw down the air tap until the mat finishing sel-inflating.
c)Adjust the air-pressure to control the hardness
Notes: you need to huff the mat if you keep the mat in packing for long time
3.Exhaust method
a)Press upon the mat and roll up it to exhaust air,close the air tap and packing it.
4.Storage method
Open the air tap and lay open the mat,kept it in shady place(under bed or corner),that's because the memory foam in mat can keep it in active condition.
5.Repair method
a)Confirm the leaking place.Close the air tap after self-inflating,and wet the mat by soapy water,press the mat and you will find the leaking place,making a mark there.
b)Repairing.Dry off the mat and exhaust air,put some glue on the repair cloth and leaking place and airing them for one minute.Put the repair cloth on the leaking place and press it,after 4 hours the mat can be used.
Inflating the mat into it's the utmost limit and close the air tap.Soft cleaning with seldom slotion.Dry off it and keep it well.
a)Keep away from sharp things(stone,knife,plant)
b)Using base cloth with the mat at any time
c)It can't be used as life floats
d)Far away from fire
e)Don't put the mat in caror tent when meet hot weather
f)Keep away from suntan oil and other chemicals
g)Don't be exposed to the sun for long time,the material with the mat will be impaired by UVA
h)Keep away from pets
i)Keep away from the air tap when using it

Package included:
1 x Self-inflating Mat